Welcome to my first post 🙂 I decided to post about musical poetry. Music in itself can be seen as a form of poetry because it is a form of creative writing. Also there are genres of music similar to different types of poetry such as surrealism or beat poetry. But, poetry stands on its own because of the formulas like alexandrine, which is a line with 12 syllables.

From a personal stand point, I enjoy listening to poetry because words are the main focus. It doesn’t matter who the poet is or if they have a fan base (unlike music). A well written powerful piece with a great message can resonate with everyone regardless of popularity or attention. Poetry isn’t that popular anymore and since most poets don’t get any notoriety, I admire that they’re writing poetry because they enjoy it.

I made a playlist of all the spoken word and musical poetry songs that I enjoy listening to when I want to hear a powerful message. The best thing about these songs are that the artists used music to emphasize certain aspects of the poetry. Some songs have singing/rapping as well so I put those toward the end of the list. I also included one of my unreleased songs called Rose Petals from my upcoming album “The Art of Love“. Did I miss your favorite spoken word/poetry song? Comment below!

Musical Poetry Playlist

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
  • Wild Cookie – Jill Scott
  • What’s He Building In There? – Tom Waits
  • The Ambitious Girl – Wale
  • The Ghost Song – The Doors
  • Rose Petals – Xay Charles
  • The Dreamer – Common f. Maya Angelou
  • Thickness – Jill Scott
  • For Free? (Interlude) – Kendrick Lamar


4 thoughts on “Musical Poetry

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it & thanks for sharing that song I thought it was amazing. I saw it was originally a poem by Pablo Neruda. Do you by any chance know the name of the poem? After seeing the Rio Olympics it’s nice to see a beautiful and realistic representation of the country.

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